Hokkaido Soft Milky Bread

Hokkaido Soft Milky Bread


Bread Flour:        270g
Plain Four:          30g
Instant Yeast:     1 1/4 teaspoon
Milk Powder:       15g
Egg:                    1
Sugar:                 40g
Salt:                    A Pinch
Fresh Milk:         100ml
Cream:               75ml


Mix milk powder, sugar, salt, egg, fresh milk and cream in a bowel and put the mixture into the baking pan

Add bread flour, plain flour and Instant yeast

Baking Program Settings

Crust color    Medium

Weight    750 g
Knead     1 3 min (slow)
Knead     2 31 min (fast)
Rise        1 26 min
Knead     3 15 sec
Rise        2 25 min
Knead     4 15 sec
Rise        3 55 min
Bake       50 min
Total       3 hr 10 min

Hokkaido Milky Loaf Bread Slices with nice texture




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