Egg Enriched White Bread

Egg Enriched White Bread



Recipe for bread machine – 500g loaf

Egg                                              1
Water or milk                               245ml
(put egg into a measuring cup and
add water or milk to give 245ml)
Vegetable oil                               1 tbsp
Salt                                             1 tsp
Sugar                                          2 tsp
Unbleached white bread flour     350g
Dried yeast                                 1 tsp

Add the ingredients to bread pan in order as listed on above recipe.

Vegetable Oilcanola_oil_transparent

Setting:-  (Program 1)
Kneading 1 (slow)      3 min
Kneading 2 (rapid)     31 min
Rise 1                        26 min
Kneading 3 (rapid)    15 sec
Rise 2                        25 min
Kneading 4 (rapid)    15 sec
Rise 3                        55 min
Baking                       45 min
Total time                  3:05 hrs


Bread Making with a Machine

Sandwich spread to match






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