Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Bread




Egg                                            1
Semi skimmed milk                   80ml
Unbreached white bread flour   350g
Cocoa Powder                           2 tsp
Salt                                            1 tsp
Caster sugar                              25g
Butter (at room temperature)     15g
Easy blend dry yeast                 1 tsp
Plain chocolate chips                 50g

Water – put the egg in the measuring cup and add sufficient water to give 185ml

Chocolate chips


Program 1 – Basic Bread
Program setting:
Weight                       500g loaf
Crust color                 light
Kneading 1 (slow)     3 min
Kneading 2 (rapid)    31 min
Rise 1                       20 min
Kneading 3 (rapid)    15 sec
Rise 2                        25 min
Kneading 4 (rapid)    15 sec
Rise 3                        55 min
Baking                       37 min
Total time                  2:57 hrs

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